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Recent Activities

IT Director of Aurora Cannabis Inc., a publicly traded Medicinal Marijuana company, licensed under the Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes Regulations. I am responsible for all technological systems within the company, including those at our state of the art grow facility located in Cremona, Alberta. I have architected and constructed the system from the ground up to provide high security and manageability.

IT Manager for Superior Safety Codes Inc., owned and operated by the same management team from Aurora. I was responsible for the technology direction of the company, including the modernization of key business processes and securing the network infrastructure.

The sole administrator at CAISNet; responsible for keeping all systems operational and modern for 2000+ users/500 concurrent. I was responsible for the development and provisioning of an integrated Change Management system. The CAISNet system and change management software was used for inter-company collaboration and document management, and automated many older manual processes. The CAISNet system provides a secure large document transfer system for architects.



Certified Information Systems Security Professional

CISSP in good standing. Certificate/ID number: 367240



Masters of Information Systems Security Management

Graduate Student Scholarship awarded

Proficient Skills

  • Windows 2008, 2012, 7, XP
  • Microsoft Office, OpenOffice
  • VMWare Workstation
  • VMWare Server, Fusion
  • Citrix XenServer
  • IIS, Citrix XenApp
  • Microsoft Terminal Services
  • Remote Access Server RAS
  • Exchange 2010, 2012
  • Docker, Kafka, Redis
  • Active Directory
  • Linux Debian, Redhat
  • OS X, Visio, Project
  • mrtg, Nagios, Netflow
  • Apache, Postfix, Bind
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL, Microsoft SQL
  • Cassandra, Acrobat
  • iPhone OS, Android
  • FirstClass, LDAP, Radius
  • IPvS Load Balancer
  • IPv6, OSPF, IPSec
  • 802.11 Wireless
  • VoIP, SIP, IAX, QoS
  • Cisco iOS / ISR
  • Cisco Catalyst Switching
  • Cisco ASA security
  • Cisco NX-OS, Nexus
  • Barracuda, Dell, HP
  • Apple, Supermicro
  • D-link, Linksys
Languages: Go, Ruby, Java, Shell, Perl, HTML, Javascript, SQL, C, Objective-C, PHP

Working knowledge in many others

Work Experience

Aurora Cannabis Inc.

IT Director

Aurora Cannabis Inc. - March 2013 to August 2018
  • First employee of Aurora Cannabis
  • Managed IT staff across several locations around Canada
  • Designed and implemented all technical systems
  • Ensured data and physical security in our regulated market
  • Managed the design and implementation of physical security measures
  • Implemented our website on a distributed hosting cluster and CDN for static assets
  • Supported users across the country
  • Ensured compliance in various regulatory domains
Notable Projects
Physical security management
  • Managed the design and implementation of our grow facility security systems
  • Wrote the Aurora security specification, which is now widely used as a benchmark in the industry
  • Custom video storage for 2 years of HD footage on 100+ cameras
  • Assessed vendors for their capability of implementing and supporting our specific needs
  • Designed physical security measures that closely met Health Canada regulations while being mostly transparent to users

Owner and Founder

RadarCanary - October 2016

RadarCanary is a crowd sourced mobile app for iPhone and Android. Users note the location of Photo Radar vans, which allows other users to see them. The premium edition includes popup notifications and instant "push" service for new submissions. I was interviewed on CTV News Edmonton on release day, and garnered nearly 2000 users in the first 48 hours.

Superior Safety Codes

IT Manager

Superior Safety Codes Inc. - August 2011 to December 2016
  • Owned and Operated by the same team that owns Aurora
  • Managed an IT department of 2 people
  • Implemented inter-site DFS replication
  • Implemented inter-site Exchange Database Availability Groups (DAG)
  • Designed and implemented an automatic fax correspondence system
  • Redesigned many network systems to be resilient against failure
  • Network spanned between 7 locations throughout Alberta
  • Provide support for 75 network users
  • Virtualized the server infrastructure
  • Built a custom iSCSI storage system for virtual machines
  • Modernized the phone system at multiple sites from Key systems to custom PBX software
Notable Projects
Inspector Tablet Design/Build/Deploy/Manage
  • Designed and implemented an iOS App for inspectors
  • Custom real-time sync engine for fresh and accurate data in difficult connectivity situations
  • Drastically enhanced permit closure rates for inspectors, prevented lost permits
  • Well received even amongst non-technical inspectors
Secure Login for Municipalities
  • Replaced our Secure Login portal
  • Provided a better interface with more pertinent data
  • Custom API for municipalities to access data
Permit Document Management Modernization
  • Enhanced our permit management database
  • Automated many manual tasks
  • Automated correspondence via email
  • Integrated remote tablets with our local permit database
KTrack GPS Inc

Co-Founder and Technical Director

KTrackGPS Inc. - February 2011 to August 2012

Co-founder and technical director for Ktrack, an innovative, web based GPS vehicle/asset tracking system successfully launched into the African transportation market. The system achieved low cost, low maintenance web based tracking goals and is being adapted for other markets. Sold my interest in the company.


Systems Administrator

CAISNet Inc. - May 2006 to April 2011

CAISNet provides communication services for the construction industry; aids in project collaboration between architects, clients, contractors and subtrades

  • Developed and maintained the security position for the company
  • Research new software and hardware components for CAISNet and clients
  • Providing targeted solutions for clients of CAISNet
  • Building, deploying, and maintaining all servers and network equipment for CAISNet systems
  • Administrate the CAISNet network, servers, and application software
  • Deployed monitoring tools tailored to ensure system reliability
  • Provide technical assistance for clients from fixing printers to major network upgrades
  • Research, recommend, and deploy software and hardware solutions for clients
  • Relocated the company infrastructure to a secure datacenter
Notable Projects
Change Management
  • Managed the design and development of an innovative change management system for use in the construction industry
  • Provides automatic, authenticated tracking of documents and drawings being exchanged between architects, consultants, clients and subtrades
  • Utilizes REST, Web 2.0 with Ruby on Rails to provide an extensible and reliable backend
  • Developed a custom context based access control scheme
  • Enhanced multi-factor authentication to prevent unlawful database access



Graduate Student Scholarship

Awarded to the top graduate student per year by Concordia

Deans Honour Roll

Awarded for NET and BAIST

Further Education


Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology

Deans Honour Roll, Scholarships awarded

Network Engineering Technology

Deans Honour Roll, Scholarships awarded

Other Work Experience

Firma Foreign Exchange

Senior Network Administrator

Firma Foreign Exchange - April 2011 to August 2011
  • Provide security recommendations
  • Research new network hardware
  • Create a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Provide network support

Teaching Assistant

Concordia University College of Alberta - September 2007 to February 2008
  • Selected personally by the professors due to a demonstrated aptitude of the subject and ability to assist classmates successfully
  • Taught an Introduction to Linux course for graduate students
  • Assisted in teaching the TCP/IP course by the creation of lab work
  • Was successfully able to engage students

Call Centre Analyst and Application Developer

IBM Canada - June to August 2005
  • Provided rapid support for Zurich North America, Farmers, Foremost, and Farmers New World Life insurance
  • Assigned user credentials for the Government of Alberta's health network
Notable Projects
Workgroup Resolution Application
  • Wrote a workgroup resolution web application
  • PHP, MySQL and Javascript
  • Aided in the rapid discovery of the correct workgroup for specific problems
  • Decreased average call times, and was hailed as a vast improvement to the existing flat-file method

Special Projects Assistant

Sulzer Metco Canada and Westaim Ambeon - July to August 2003 & June to August 2004
  • Helped build and support the custom Laboratory Information Management System
  • Designed and implemented a cost saving solution for a LECO Carbon/Sulfer Analyser
  • Created an application to automatically parse various instrument output files
  • Created an intranet PHP website, and aided in the upgrade of a cold-fusion based website
  • Assisted in a corporate network switchover

Other Experience


Club President

Edmonton Soaring Club
  • Three Times Elected Club President (2011-2013 seasons)
  • Elected President of the Alberta Soaring Council (2015-2016 seasons)
  • Licensed Glider (GPL) and Private Pilot (PPL)
  • Authored a custom flight logging application to assist in billing management
  • Federated logins across club web resources
  • Created a website to host the current and historic weather conditions
  • Authored custom software to construct an hourly panoramic photo of the club

iPhone/iOS Developer

  • Apple iOS developer with a successful applications
  • iPhone application used by soaring pilots to optimize flights

Further experience

Experience in IT and related fields
  • Accepted mplayer and Asterisk Patches
  • Assisted another MISSM student's research by writing software and providing technical expertise